Our Review of the 6 Week Body Makeover Kit

Having tried different methods to lose weight and get fit again without success, I was ready to throw the towel and accept living a life as an overweight young man. Thankfully, a friend talked to me about this new weight loss program, designed by the doctor of the show “Extreme Makeover” and my life took a new turn.  6 weeks later -not without a share of sacrifice and commitment – I was feeling fit again and looking better than I had looked in the past few years! Here I share my review of this great program with you.

The 6 Week Body Makeover is a popular method to losing weight quickly developed by “Extreme Makeover” nutritionist Michael Thurmond. Thurmond is also a fitness expert hat has worked over a number of years developing this diet.

Unlike other types of diets, it  does not rely on special foods, meal plans and components to make you lose weight in a short period of time. Instead, this is more a customized plan that lets you determine which type of food is great to speed up your metabolism, and which type of food does not help you losing weight. Along with this “body blueprinting” method, comes an exercise program, aimed at helping you tone different parts of your body to give it great shape.

Determining Your Body Type

Upon receiving your 6 week body makeover package, and prior to actually starting the program, you’ll be asked to determine your body type. This will be an essential step in the success of the program, because with this information you’ll be able to choose the right food to eat and customize the plan according to your needs.

Each of the body types will be named with a letter to make them easier to remember, so according to the 6 week body makeover we have:

A – Endomorph
B – Endo-meso
C – Meso-endo
D – Endo-ecto
E – Ecto-endo

Let’s take a look at each type of body in greater depth:

Who is Michael Thurmond?


Michael Thurmond is a fitness instructor by profession and is well-known for his usual appearances on the popular television fitness show ‘Extreme Makeover.’ Michael Thurmond is an expert body sculptor and weight loss trainer, who has been very successful in this field. His passion for fitness can be traced back to his younger days. Thurmond has won many trophies in various fitness contests.

Thurmond’s claim to fame may be attributed to his innovative “6 Week Body Makeover” program, that was introduced by him in the early 1980’s. The program was an immediate success, and with the help of Provida, it gave Thurmond an instant celebrity status.

In 1989, he shifted to Los Angeles, where the Body Makeover program gained widespread publicity. Since then, there has been no looking back for this fitness guru. Through his customized ‘body blueprinting’ technique, Thurmond has successfully helped thousands of individuals in acquiring a well-toned physique and lose weight fast.